rework 2015-2-10
capstone 2015-2-3
18-24 2015-1-26
left field 2015-1-25
ankylosaur 2015-1-24
thrum 2015-1-22
point process 2015-1-18
you know it 2015-1-16
posttagmeze 2015-1-15
paler shade of fire 2015-1-14
therapy at dawn 2015-1-13
auxiliary 2015-1-11
recurrence 2014-12-25
[traditional] greensleeves 2014-12-24
[@onronc, @xwjl] relay 2014-12-21
backbone & empire 2014-12-8
obligations 2014-12-7
parity 2014-12-5
[@jummbus] topsoil (remix) 2014-12-4
hundredfold 2014-12-3
pulling offwards 2014-12-1
assembler 2014-11-27
as rises the sun 2014-11-21
knuckles 2014-11-20
refuel 2014-11-16
parking space 2014-11-6
riposte 2014-11-3
plasma 2014-11-1
bassline experiment #3 2014-10-28
bassline experiment #2 2014-10-26
clean sweep 2014-10-25
vocabulary 2014-10-23
tape archive 2014-10-21
angled horizon 2014-10-17
measure twice 2014-10-16
half a phase 2014-10-13
[@onronc] bassline experiment #1 2014-10-9
platch 2014-10-2
century egg 2014-10-1
[@onronc] weird harmonies 2014-9-30
balloons 2014-9-28
blue buzz 2014-9-25
guidance 2014-9-23
kites 2014-9-21
retraction 2014-9-20
alaska and back 2014-9-15
[revaz laghidze, petre gruzinski] tbiliso 2014-9-14
comfort food 2014-9-13
[aluda qetelauri] zecas shakheneo aparekav 2014-9-9
recycling #2 2014-9-7
recycling #1 2014-9-7
fricative 2014-9-4
[traditional] house of the rising sun 2014-9-1
table mountain 2014-9-1
doro wat 2014-8-30
air conditioning 2014-8-27
regulations 2014-8-24
lapidary 2014-8-20
partition 2014-8-17
memorandum 2014-8-15
doctored photos 2014-8-1
burner inserter 2014-7-31
policy wonk 2014-7-24
indexicality 2014-7-23
[brown, buzinkai, blakeslee] showtime 2014-7-19
[hirokazu tanaka] increased kraidability 2014-7-2
[hirokazu tanaka] kraid 2014-7-2
learned helplessness 2014-7-1
boots on the ground 2014-6-29
milkshake 2014-6-28
won't see 2014-6-23
relmaŝna i ara 2014-6-21
week 2014-6-19
[bjork] state of 2014-6-18
phonological 2014-6-17
muddy drums 2014-6-12
mixolydian 2014-6-11
let the drokes discren them 2014-5-31
eight 2014-5-22
build system 2014-5-21
the wugs are rising up 2014-5-17
mechanism design 2014-5-15
chamber 2014-5-13
flaneur 2014-5-8
threads 2014-5-7
outspoken 2014-5-6
roulette 2014-5-1
kalp 2014-4-26
ex cathedra 2014-4-24
octosnack (v2) 2014-4-22
octosnack 2014-4-22
1536 2014-4-20
cough drop #2 2014-4-17
cough drop 2014-4-17
penalties (v2) 2014-4-15
snowman tax 2014-4-15
gadrooning 2014-4-8
closing an old tab #2 2014-4-8
it only wants a taste 2014-4-7
penalties 2014-4-5
uberlagerung overnight parking 2014-4-3
yes way 2014-3-23
major seven chords because why not 2014-3-21
green tea goo 2014-3-18
This doesn't have any clear harmonic ideas but was fun anyway. fickle 2014-3-16
I like the tension in the repeated IV-V-I-vi bits. the II-V turnaround seems a little too... much, of something. The frantic pace of the drums is nice. delancey/essex 2014-3-16
limited time offer 2014-3-16
Actually put some diminished chords to good use here, which I normally find hard. G-Eb-G/D-C#dim-C-Adim-G/B-[Dsus D]. I think it belongs with a scrolling intro wall of text for a game or something. walk through dust 2014-3-14
train traffic ahead 2014-3-9
More fun with the funny melodic scales. 923 2014-3-8
Feels kinda mega-man-ish. hdmi 2014-3-7
The harmonies worked out nice here, the drums are a bit too much, though. Melody in the last four bars is good. morning run 2014-3-5
carrot farming 2014-3-5
on-call at 3am 2014-3-4
arma virumque (v2) 2014-3-3
A tune I remember working out with Alan about 7 years ago, who'd written the lyrics (which I no longer know where they got to) and maybe is to credit for most of the melody? I remember coming up with the chords, I think? Anyway good times nostalgia nostalgia mumbles. Not totally sure how well it works as chiptunes, since I imagined it more as a very dignified classical-instrumented march or something. Still I like how the chorus came together, all note-dense and such. [alan caum] arma virumque 2014-3-3
emigration 2014-3-2
told you so 2014-2-27
hairpin 2014-2-27
I like how the 3-3-3-3-2-2 rhythm works here a lot. transfer 2014-2-25
fishery 2014-2-23
anjero 2014-2-23
Mostly happy I-IV alternation with some flat thirds in there closing an old tab 2014-2-20
no lights in the basement 2014-2-18
Sort of a kashmir-y bassline ontology 2014-2-17
boiler room 2014-2-16
I gave up on drawing chairs 2014-2-13
insomnia 2014-2-12
how about no 2014-2-12
hash browns 2014-2-8
Melody is just a liiittle too repetitive for my tastes but there's something very nice and Yoshimi-Battles-the-Pink-Robots-Part-2 about the bass line in one bit. water supply 2014-2-5
adequate owl 2014-2-2
Trying to incorporate some more nonmelodic/atonal thingies trading up 2014-2-1
[sick ridiculous and the sick ridiculous] 737 (v2) 2014-1-31
[sick ridiculous and the sick ridiculous] 737 2014-1-30
fm 2014-1-30
south bay 2014-1-29
ironing board 2014-1-26
Since I liked what chrisamaphone was doing with flat-envelope drums. Also I could pretend that the upward off-glide at the end of each melodic phrase wasn't a dumb rip-off of Tegan & Sara's "Closer" but... no, it is. (It's weird that I hated that song for exactly that feature the first couple times I listened to it, and now it seems essential and great...) dulce de leche 2014-1-26
fast path 2014-1-23
I like how the walk-down-the-minor-scale bassline works. cognitive dissonance 2014-1-21
Influenced by the dense beat of chipzel's "can't stop us" dense subset 2014-1-20
constructive witness 2014-1-19
[beethoven] piano concerto no. 5 adiago un poco mosso 2014-1-16
micronesia 2014-1-15
[@chrisamaphone] misquoted 2014-1-15
fragment 2014-1-13
weekend trains 2014-1-12
trampoline level 2014-1-12
negotiating (v2) 2014-1-10
I really like the melody in the 1-2 patterns in the lead, especially how the arpeggiation fits right in and feels like a melodic ornament. It's one of those melodies that's so satisfying that it makes me wonder if I've already heard it somewhere and am just recapitulating it. Dunno. Last time that happened it was Holst's "Jupiter", though. [cf. andrew bird's "fake palindromes"] [@virtualclint] just missed 2014-1-9
negotiating 2014-1-9
Another fun dancey one. There's some gorillaz song that I'm semiconsciously alluding to in the last two beats of yellow pattern 5, aren't I? I can't remember which one though. [it's "feel good, inc"] ouais 2014-1-7
Doodling around on a harmonic minor scale. I like the... whining (?) sort of sound in patterns 1,5 in the lead. no amount of complaining 2014-1-5
[bach] beepbach 2014-1-4
server ok and I know it 2014-1-4
still waiting to hear back (v2) 2014-1-4
still waiting to hear back 2014-1-4
off to warmer climates 2014-1-3
yeah, right? yeah! 2014-1-3
winding down 2014-1-2