Expo (March 25)

Inspired by whiteboard marker writing. Sort of in the same general vein as Birbaslo.

Mastodoni (January 2)

A nice, clean Didone face (since I haven't really done one before apart from the half-hearted attempt that was Austin Modern) with Opentype features for small caps and standard ligatures.

Notebook (December 6)

An unfinished sketch.

Tachys (November 13)

Tried to force myself to draw something more quickly than usual just to see what would happen.

Tuber (October 24)

Still another attempt at a cute rounded sans, in the same vein as Evanston, Identity Theft, Tragic Sans, and Walton.

Crate (October 18)

Inspired by Freight and Times.

Jade (July 30)

A little sans-serif I started while bored during jury duty.

Walton (March 27)

Inspired by Chicago, Computer Modern Sans, and Gotham Rounded.

Tragic Sans (March 1)

Based loosely on the infamous Comic Sans.

Rumsey (February 5)

Inspired by lettering in the Rumsey historical map collection.

Birbaslo (December 24)

Designed for Camp Spoonhowopic. Named after a fictional character from the 2006 ICFP contest.

Klar (August 31)

Transvaal (August 26)

Austin (June 22)

Based on Caslon, and to a lesser extent, Bell. Richard Austin was John Bell's punchcutter.

Helena (March 19)

A study of grotesque sans serifs, e.g. Helvetica.

Necessity (March 12)

A study of weight variation.

Avalanche (March 6)

Based loosely on Avant Garde and Peignot.

Skibo (February 5)

Designed for "The Thistle", Carnegie Mellon University's Yearbook.

Mercator (January 7)

Inspired by old map lettering

Beatriz (January 3)

Inspired by a grab-bag of humanist fonts

Combo (November 9)

A random dingbat font.

Ursula (October 22)

A study of geometric sans serifs, e.g. Futura.

Berkov (October 11)

A silly faux-Russian Constructivist font.

Fallacy (June 13)

Larson (May 20)

Based on Hope Larson's comic lettering. The caps aren't finished.

Nelf (January 15)

A study of Tom7's 'Hockey Is Lif'.

Untitled Dot Font (January 14)

Drawn by people at D's Six Pax and Dogz.

Pomotown (January 12)

An exaggeration of 'Modern' typefaces, by making the thin bits invisible.

Blackboard Audacious (January 12)

Scanned in from hand lettering.

Pingly (January 11)

Scanned in from hand lettering.

Splotch (January 10)

Scanned in from hand lettering.

Evanston (December 31)

A study of Chicago.

Dependent Product (December 25)

A dingbat font.

Identity Theft (December 25)

Spamcake (December 25)

Kenosha (December 21)

Bitey (December 19)

SleepyBleepy (December 10)

Slavkappen (December 6)

Grassoline (December 3)

Drivin Me Nuts (December 1)



Draw by hand in Photoshop.